Vavezi (Vana VeZimbabwe-Abantwana BeZimbabwe)

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VAVEZI (Vana Ve Zimbabwe/Abantwana be Zimbabwe) is a child protection and development non-profit organization based in Bulawayo. VAVEZI is a registered PVO36/10.VAVEZI was established by Nhimbe Trust in 2010 as a response to the growing demand for Psychosocial Support (PSS) within the Nhimbe SPAA (Schools Performing Arts Academy), which could not be effectively and meaningfully addressed through referrals.

  • Categories: Graphic Design, Web Design
  • Client: Vavezi (Vana VeZimbabwe-Abantwana BeZimbabwe)
  • Skills: Website Development & Design, Content Management System (Drupal)
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